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    Monthly Archives for July 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Brightwell NeoMarine Salt Sparks Debate

      Brightwell Aquatics new NeoMarine salt is sparking debate among aquarists. Not over the quality or animal response, but over the companies description of the salt mix. Brightwell’s NeoMarine literature states that tested numbers are spot on to natural sea water parameters (NSW). This of course has been said before, but what has most up […]

    Wii Reef Swap…What?!

    I got an e-mail today from a friend who thought I’d get a kick out of this craigslist posting: Wanting to trade my saltwater system for a Wii system. The saltwater tank is a full system all you would need is corals and fish I will even help you setup the system at your house. […]

    Research Team Breeds Oriental Sweetlips

    Taiwan will soon be adding another ornamental fish, the Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus) to their fast growing list of marine species being bred in captivity. A research team led by Leu Ming-yih and part of the National Museum of Marine Biology and Fish Reproduction and Larviculture Laboratory started the project 5 years ago with 3 wild […]

    Aquascaping the glassbox

    Everything is still settling in to the glassbox and updates will be postponed for a while until corals color back up. In the mean time here’s a peak at the current liverock layout with some of my own ramblings on aquascaping.  The liverock used here is 25 pounds of Premium’s Cured Bali Alor and it is […]

    New Vertex Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts

    Vertex Aquaritstik‘s apparent quest to dominate the reef equipment industry is gaining momentum with the success of their new Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts. Available in 175w, 250w and 400w sizes, these ballasts feature lower electric consumption, cooler operating temperatures, and are claimed to have the highest power factor on the market. For plug and play […]

    Korallenriff in Deutschland

    Check out this video of a beautiful SPS dominated reef aquarium in Germany. The tanks itself is not my preferred style, but the mature German look is always beautiful and  appreciated. Some of the Staghorns are quite large—Wie sagt man ‘bad ass’ auf Deutsch?   via obelixzz