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    Monthly Archives for June 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Vortech MP10 Shipping Out Tomorrow!

    We just go word from EcoTech Marine that the first batch of VorTech MP10 pumps are shipping out from EcoTech tomorrow, with a follow up shipment going out to retailers on Monday. The shipments are limited in numbers at this time, but the good news is they are ready and will be hitting select retailers […]

    New Lighting Project – Ushio 14K & 20K Halides

    We’ve slowly been working on a new lighting project that will be based off a 250w DE metal halide lamp as the core light. I have used various metal halides before, but I have primarily used single ended screw based lamps for the improved bulb selection–my favorites being the 6.5K Iwasaki, 20K Radium and 20K […]

    Diver’s Den to go Atlantic Tonight with Chromis flavicauda and Liopropoma carmabi

    If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the recently collected deep water Chromis flavicauda or the infamous Liopropoma carmabi, LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den will have one of each up tonight for an Atlantic rare fish duet. Not to be confused with the Yellow Tail Damsel (Chrysiptera parasema), Chromis flavicauda is rarely seen in the trade. […]

    Aquascaping Inspiration on Twitter / Flickr

    via flickr : cc : changomorado Thanks to a tweet by Cerven of NanoReefBlog we stumbled across a great set of reef scene photos on flickr, perfect for aquascaping inspiration… or a kick in the rear to scrape the glass during these warm summer months. Check out all the underwater reefscape images. For the non-twitter users, tweet: to post […]

    New Study Highlights Captive Breeding of Angelfish

    A new study published in June’s Aquaculture Research shines light on the captive breeding of Pomacanthids. Specifically the Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) detailing the first spawning of the species observed in captivity and subsequent rearing attempts with different feeds. Although the longest the larvae lasts was 17 days, it shows the importance of food size […]

    Tunto LED Lamp… For Aquariums?

    As LEDs become more and more advanced, so are the ways lighting designers are implementing them into their work. Take a look at the Tunto LED wooden lamp designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen. It is completely smoothed, with all wiring and circuitry done inside the oak ply. Intensity is controlled by the user via touch activation […]