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    Monthly Archives for June 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Super Reef Octopus Skimmers Get Bubble Blaster Pump

    via DesignandReef We showed you the Bubble Blaster and Water Blaster pumps made by Honya, manufacturer of the Octopus line back in March. Despite the intial hesitation regarding the pump’s price (initially thought to be near $200) the laguna-like design has been seen in parts of Asia, most recently at Aquarama in Singapore–where Marlon of […]

    MOFIB Board of Directors Voting Starts Today

    Starting right-now (12:01 AM EDT) until July 4th voting will be open for MOFIB‘s Board of Directors (BOD). For those unfamiliar with MOFIB, it stands for Marine Ornamental Fish & Invert Breeders and hosts the preeminent online forum on captive breeding of marine species. We at GBD strongly believe aquaculture and grass root, hobbyist level breeding is […]

    New HD Videos of Anagonbe’s Japanese Reef

    Anagonbe’s stunning reef aquarium was a past top selection that has begun to make the rounds on US and European discussion forums and social media platforms. [You can find the original top selection article here: Anagonbe’s SPS Reef from Japan]  We’re glad to see  and happy to report that the reef is still progressing and […]

    Beautiful Glass Cube Aquarium Stand From ADA

    Again Aqua Design Amano shows off its creativity and style, this time with a new aquarium stand made from glass. The Glass cube cabinet comes in clear  or mist, a sandblasted glass that gives a frosted look. It is the same glass used in the construction of ADA’s rimless garden cube aquariums, making the two […]

    ADA’s Nature Aquarium Gallery – Living Art

    Aqua Design Amano  continues to be the epitome of modern aquariums around the world. Their Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata, Japan shows off the comapnies products and the creative genius of Takashi Amano. ADA has been venturing into reef aquariums, but their expertise most definitely lies with freshwater planted tanks. Nonetheless you don’t have to […]

    Reef News | Salifert Food, Sponge Propagation, MP10 Ships, Mccullochi Clownfish, French Mediterranean, 10M, Fauna Marin Alkalinity Kit

    Salifert releases new Energy Plus high protein and HUFA marine fish food.   Australian researchers study captive propagation of Sponges.   Vortech MP10s are shipping out from EcoTech today.   Kevin Kohen of LiveAquaria updates on their Mccullochi Clownfish breeding progress.   Colin of Coralmorphologic dives the French Mediterranean.   The Georgia Aquarium gets its 10 […]