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    Monthly Archives for May 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Eshopps Frag Racks Now Available

    Back in January, Eshopps sent us a Frag Rack to try out before bringing the product to market. After a few minor tweaks the racks are ready and currently for sale in some new colors and sizes. The corner size  we tested above remains the same size, fitting 13 frag plugs and is available in […]

    GBD Review | Calibration of Profilux Standalone Doser

    GBD’s Profilux Standalone Doser review has been underway over the past couple weeks. Currently we are using the Standalone Doser to pump 3ml of calcium and alkalinity solution 20 times a day, for a total of 60ml of each solution being added over a 24hr period. Balling Salts and Trace Elements from Fauna Marin will […]

    New German Cone Skimmer from Meerwasser Technik Makes a Tame Entrance

    A new cone skimmer called the Taifun II is coming to market shortly from manufacturer Meerwasser Technik out of the reef mecca country, Germany. This company has marketed skimmers similar in design to the ATI Bubble Master and Fauna Marine Blue, but has improved upon their previous AS model with a full conical body while opting for […]

    Pronouncing Scientific Names, More Difficult Than You Think

    Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy was born on this day, 302 years ago.  In light of his birthday, I thought I would address some issues aquarists face regarding scientific names–they can be more difficult than you think. In reality the scientific names used in modern taxonomy are not latin. Yes some come from latin […]

    LumenBright Hybrid Lighting Unit Combines MH, T5 and LED

    Jeremy at Reef Specialty shared these photos of a new hybrid lighting unit that pairs Lumenbright Metal Halide reflectors with two banks of T5s and LEDs for moon lighting. This combination is not a radically new idea, but it is the first time that a reflector of this calibre (e.g. Lumen Bright, Lumenarc, LumenMax) has […]

    CORAL’s May / June 2009 Issue Ships Tomorrow

    The May/June edition of CORAL ships out to subscribers and newsstands tomorrow. This issue echos many topics that we’ve discussed here on GBD and should be one of the best yet under the new CORAL US Publishers. The main focus is on mouthbrooders, specifically highlighting Banggai Cardinalfish.  Other standout’s include Phillip Schellers piece titled Deep Reef, Hungry […]