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    Monthly Archives for May 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Reef News | WWII Ship now Sunken Reef, New Trimma Goby, Ocean Hero Award, Irish Reef Found, David Saxby’s NEW Reef

    Reef News The NJ based company Reefmakers purchased an $8.6 Million WWII era ship to then sink it. The enormous USNS Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg will create the second largest intentional reef in the Florida Keys. Richard Winterbottom has described a tiny new Goby — Trimma hotsarihiensis. It was discovered in south west Palau. Oceana is […]

    GHL / Profilux Powerbar Brings Intensity and Power Control to T5s and AC Pumps

    GHL/Profilux has released their new Dimmable Powerbar for the Profilux Controller. The $174USD powerbar works with the controller via a 0-10v port to manipulate the electric coming from your outlet for AC devices. The real target will be T5 users looking for dimming capabilities, a rare commodity because North American (120v / 60hz) DALI T5 ballasts […]

    Amyloodinium and Secondary Infections – Part 2, Freshwater Dips and QT

    This post is a continuance from part 1. Freshwater baths are great for velvet treatment and usually provide temporary relief, but they can also leave open wounds susceptible to infection. First up was Chaetodon declivis, a little food at the surface and a hand scoop and I had him collected for the bath. When performing freshwater baths it’s […]

    Holanthias fuscipinnis and Johnrandallia nigrirostris Caught on Film

    H. fuscipinnis Pair – Photo by Mr. Koji Wada The beautiful Hawaiian endemic,  Holanthias fuscipinnis has recently seen semi-regular collection, with most headed off to Asia to top paying collectors. For the first time, a specimen has stayed in the the U.S. where it currently resides in Long Island. (See RC thread here). These  anthias […]

    440ft Dive Finds the Illusive Prognathodes basabei, Ballparked at $6K

    For years divers and ichthyologists have been seeking the Hawaiian endemic, Orange Margin Butterflyfish known as Prognathodes basabei. This fish was first seen and collected in May of 1998 when Pyle collected three specimens on two different dives in Hawaii. Since then the illusive fish has been difficult to spot, despite frequent 400ft+ dives in […]

    What It’s Like to Get Stung by a Lionfish… A Reminder to Wear Gloves

    The Volitans Lionfish. Creative Commons, BWF. I’ve been stung, bitten, and scrapped by countless animals in the trade, but I’ve never experienced a Lionfish sting. After reading Niel’s story of the initial sting and the spine pieces that were then embedded in his finger tip, I can say with certainty it’s an experience I am willing to forgo. Check […]