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    Monthly Archives for April 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Profilux Stand Alone Dosing Pump Review to Come

    We received our 4-pump Profilux Standalone Dosing Pump unit this week, and will be reviewing the unit as I automize the Balling Light Method on the glassbox. At the moment I plan on individually dose the following components: Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and VSV. In the future the magnesium will be dropped as it is so […]

    Newly Described Cirrhilabrus naokoae Enters the US Market

    Via Blue Harbor Cirrhilabrus naokoae was recently described by Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka and published in January’s Aqua with Jack Randall (See abstract below). The fish was thoughtfully named after Dr. Tanaka’s wife. The fairy wrasse Cirrilabrus naokoae is described as a new species from three male specimens obtained via the aquarium trade; the probable locality is the […]

    Chicago’s World Reef Conference, October 3-4, 2009

    The World Reef Conference kicks off this October 3rd and 4th in Rosemont, IL thanks to the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society, Uberfrags, and Midwest Frag Fest. Details are short, but expect professional speakers, 22,000 sq ft for frag trading/selling, and access to the Backer Trade Show. In the past the Backer pet industry show was […]

    Royal Exclusiv’s RDII Skimmer Pump has Arrived

    The 170w RDII DC Skimmer pump by Royal Exclusiv has landed in the US. Some anxious owners already have them in their hands. For those not familiar with DC pumps the  largest benefit is the controllability and efficiency. The RDII’s RPMs are completely controllable, meaning the air pull and water throughput are also controllable. Below are […]

    Fish Channel’s Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative

    FishChannel.com has put together the Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative to help promote sustainability in the aquarium hobby. Although the wording suggests this initiative is aimed at the FW crowd, there is no denying the saltwater hobby can benefit as well.  The Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative (RFI), sponsored by the companies indicated at the bottom of this page, […]

    REEFSCAPERS Inspires Hope with Coral Propagation Projects

    These photos put a big smile on my face today. Coral propagation is arguably the ultimate restitutive justice that we can provide the ocean’s coral reefs. REEFSCAPERS has been extremely successful in their projects that utilize coral trays, zip ties and fragmented Acropora spp. Read the full story here at Sea Way Blog and REEFSCAPERS. […]