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    Monthly Archives for March 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Earth Hour Tomorrow, Lights Out from 8:30 to 9:30PM

    Some may have noticed the small advert we placed in the sidebar to promote “Earth Hour”. Tomorrow at 8:30PM (Regardless of time zone) people around the world are asked to turn off their lights for just 60 minutes. Organizers are hoping to get 1 billion people to participate; The UN’s Secretary General has called this […]

    Dynamite Fishing Kills Diver & Reef life in Vietnam

    USAID, Cover Photo via Flickr: A.Connah Vietnam Police have arrested  four fishermen for taking the life of a scuba diver and destroying aquatic life with explosives, nearby Phu Cu. The fisherman have said they saw bubbles rising to the surface which they thought were from a large fish. After throwing explosives in the area of the […]

    GBD Sponsors – Welcome EcoTech Marine, Sales at Premium Aquatics & Salty Supply

      Via Flickr : Andreas A shout out to our sponsors EcoTech Marine, Premium Aquatics and Salty Supply for their support. They allow GBD to continually grow and expand, and we urge you to check them out. Be sure to see the specials below. EcoTech Marine is new to the GBD team, but is no […]

    ATB Skimmer Up & Running

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to install the ATB External Small Cone skimmer that I had previously shown. The installation was straight forward and simple, what took time was finding a proper stand to elevate the skimmer above the rim of the sump. Rather than drilling the sump for the skimmers output, the stand gives […]

    Tinkeri Hybrid goes in minutes on Diver’s Den

    Tonight Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria crew posted a 3.5″ Roaops Hybrid Butterflyfish in the Diver’s Den section. It sold in minutes for $1,000 USD. This is the first retail sale of a Roaops hybrid in the United States in years.  The specimen is very similar to my own, with strong yellow markings on the dorsal and […]

    DM goes JDM with Japanese Spotlights

    After some inspiration from GBD and the glassbox, dmorel went JDM with 2 MT-150s and 3 Superkarus spotlights on his new 220g display tank, a 5′ round circular rimless. The MT-150 is a classy 150w DE Metal Halide fixture powered by an electronic ballast and parabolic reflector. Unlike other designs that are made up of […]