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    Monthly Archives for February 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Zeovit Giveaway, Who Likes Free Reef Stuff? (BUMP)

    BUMP – Just a reminder, the giveaway ends March 7th! One of the best aspects of this hobby is giving back, whether it be pay it forward coral frags or free reef stuff. With the large jump in readership, we are happy to offer you the first of many giveaways for 2009. This year’s first […]

    Patents 101 | Foreign Manufacturing, Licensing, & Claims

    Aquarist and Intellectual Patent Attorney, Mike Clifford, sat down again with GBD to go over the basics of Patents and help answer some questions and rumors that have been passing around in regards to the Orbitec v PFO case. For any attorney time is money, and we thank Mike for taking the time to help […]

    New Photos of Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef

    We covered this stunning Japanese Acropora dominated reef tank last month, but these new photos are too good not to share. Enjoy. For more information on this truly incredible aquarium, check out our previous write up: Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef.

    New Royal Exclusiv & Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer – Intro Pricing and More Photos!

    Is this a Bubble King cone skimmer? Not exactly. As we said before, Royal Exclusiv is a maker of “all types” of skimmers only this time they have teamed up with Vertex Aquaristik to create the  new Royal Exclusiv-Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer. Shown below are the 4 different vacuum-thermoformed cones that will be used on […]

    CMAS & Uber Frag Swap in West Chicago

    This past Saturday the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society teamed up with Uberfrags to host the annual Frag swap in West Chicago. Originally Eric Borneman and Matt Pedersen were scheduled to speak, but Eric could not make it to this event so the new Ice Cap man Steve Pro filled in. Steve gave a presentation on poisonous and venomous […]

    Spire Pacific Breeze or Tunze Aquawind?

    Travis, a reader of GBD brought the Spire Pacific Breeze PC Fan to our attention via the comments, and after looking into it sure does look awfully similar to the Tunze Aquawind. We always found it peculiar that the Aquawind came with blue LEDs and a USB port, but now it’s beginning to make a bit more […]