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    Monthly Archives for January 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    EcoReef’s Ceramic Modules Restore Nature’s Reefs

    One of the latest trends in european reefkeeping has been ceramic rock structures. In a similar fashion Michael Moore and EcoReefs have created a ceramic structure to help restore natural reefs that have been pulverized by blast fishing. EcoReef’s cermic modules slide together and are permanently adhered via epoxy and cable ties. Once assembled they […]

    The Glassbox, January 2009 Photos

    It’s hard to believe The Glassbox is nearly a year old. At times it feels like I’ve always had it and at others it’s like it was set up yesterday. Between work, my studies, and the site, the tank has not gotten much attention lately. Fortunately it’s on cruise control so to speak and everything has […]

    Diver’s Den shows Amphiprion mccullochi to North America at $6K

    While they are now getting notoriety for it, they were not the first.  These actually landed on the East Coast a month and a half ago!…However, given the widespread following of Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den, for most this was the first talk of these entering the States. For such a rare fish, they did enter […]

    The Kuro Obi Suzuki Basslet, Liopropoma lemniscatum

    Since the recent capture and sale of the Candy Basslet, there was been renewed interest in the Liopropoma and even Lipogramma species. Here’s one rarely seen or talked about, the Kuri Obi Suzuki Basslet (Liopropoma lemniscatum). This fish is somewhat similar in appearance to Liopropoma fasciatum, however their range is quite drastic.  L. lemniscatum is found […]

    Aquarists abroad, Copps hits Osaka

    John Coppolino is a good friend and a great guy. I think what I like most about John is that his obsession with fish and aquariums makes mine appear perfectly healthy, normal, and sane! As jealous as I am, I report John spent the weekend in Japan checking out the beautiful reef aquariums of various […]

    Reefiris pushes online reef aquaria to new levels | Index of aquarium builds + Real time info

    Imagine an online index of your favorite aquariums, TOTM style all in one spot–but what if you then added real time information? Keith Thornhill has been working on exactly this. Aptly named Reefiris, it is an online community that allows you to browse aquarium builds and view their real time data via a controller at the same […]