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    Monthly Archives for January 2009

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Red Dragon 2 DC Pumps 350, 750, & Strong Flow Stream Pumps!

    (click any photo to enlarge) The new Red Dragon 2 Titanium DC pumps have been available since MACNA, but now three new models are on their way to North America. The first is the 170w skimmer model which we’ll have more on in the next few days. The second two are the 350w and 750w […]

    Wave Station Rimless Aquariums & Stands | Simple, Clean and Rimless

    The new Wave Station rimless aquariums and stands are just touching down in the UK. The new company, Wave, looks to have created a success as this simple design is difficult to argue with; a low iron rimless tank sitting on a tasteful white, or black, gloss stand. The design blends European and Asian aquarium […]

    The Enchanting Whitecap Goby, Lotilia graciliosa

    If you’ve inquired about the Whitecap Goby Lotilia graciliosa, odds are you’ve been told it’s unavailable. Here is some hope–a few landed in Japan last month, but there is some confusion as to where exactly they came from. Some Japanese aquarists are saying Cebu? A few collectors in Cebu have been collecting some very unique […]

    VSV dosing on Cyano Bacteria over 1.5hrs by Unrulymck

    Jim @ Unrulymck has posted some interesting photos showing VSV eradicating red cyano bacteria in a matter of hours. Cyano and carbon dosing is a very sensitive situation because cyano can utilize carbon sources like vodka and sugar. When dosing any carbon source in the presence of cyano there is a very fine line of encouraging rapid […]

    A Lesson on Ozone Use, 15 Sharks Die at Indy Zoo

    A very sad story was brought to our attention by a reader, Nick S, that shows the importance of proper ORP monitoring when using Ozone. In this case due to faulty equipment, it cost the lives of 15 Bonnethead Sharks (Sphyrna tiburo). Photo via Flickr:dral10 Zoo Sr. veterinarian Dr. Jeff Proudfoot has said the tank’s skimmer […]

    New Aqua Driver ZeoClean Reactor in the works

    Carsten and Aqua Driver are working on a new product that Zeovit users will be excited about– The ZeoClean, an automatic zeolith filter that physically agitates the stones. If you are not a zeovit user, you may be left  wondering What stones? and Why agitate a stone?  Zeovit utilizes zeolite stones as a substrate to […]