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    Monthly Archives for December 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Clean your Pumps | Free Performance Gains

    Gadgets can be addicting. In this hobby we often look at the latest and greatest to improve performance in hopes of improving our miniature reefs. Before looking at upgrading to a new piece of equipment try cleaning your existing one first. As uninteresting and unsexy as that sounds, this is something rarely talked about or […]

    Chaetodon daedalma | The Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

    The Wrought Iron Butterflyfish is one of the hardiest Chaetodons, but also one of the least owned.  If the price tag does not turn an aquarist away, usually their cool water needs will. Found only off the southern and west coasts of Japan, C. daedalma must be provided a temperature of 60-75F.  I have heard […]

    Holiday Theatre | New Videos of the Glassbox

    Per some requests, here are some videos taken today of the glassbox. The Roaops Hybrid is still doing very well. The videos do not capture her true coloration because of the high kelvin lights and my poor camera. She isn’t that dark, but she is not as bright as when I first received the specimen.  […]

    Powermodule + Profilux hack by Frank D

    This creative combination by German aquarist Frank D is one of the most impressive and well finished DIY projects that I have come across. Frank had a 6 bulb dimmable ATI Powermodule and an older Profilux 1 controller. Rather then have the controller go to waste, he modified the Powermodule and installed the controller within […]

    Hands on with ATB Large

    I got a chance last week to play with ATB’s Airstar powered Large Cone Skimmer. This thing is a serious performer. My favorite part of this Austrian crafted skimmer is the pump. The Laguna based Airstar draws in an immense amount of air and is whisper quiet.  The photo above shows the skimmers reaction after […]

    CORAL Magazine Switches Publishers

    Just a heads up to those with subscriptions to CORAL magazine. Also known as KORALLE, the magazine will be switching publishers for U.S. distribution and will no longer be available from Eco System Publications. All active subscriptions with Eco System have been canceled, effective with the latest Dec ’08 – Jan ’09 issue. The magazine […]