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    Monthly Archives for November 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Today’s frustrating revelation…

      Queue depressing music… look what I came across today… AEFW bite marks and quite a few! To be honest it’s not as bad as it looks, and I am not very worried. A ReVive review and testing to come, as well as an interesting observation on what looks to be a natural predator.

    Reef News | ORA White Picassos, JB back to PA, Ocean Census reveals new species, Liopropomas, BK RD2 on Skimmer

    Some F2 ORA Picassos are going white. A few generations more and we would not be surprised to see a pure white clown. These little guys are just 1″, no word on price. Photos here. Jeremy Brower returns to Premium Aquatics. I know many Midwest aquarists are excited about his return! On Tuesday researchers gathered […]

    Korallen Zucht show tank hits 20 months old

    The Korallen Zucht show tank has blossomed since it’s start just 20 months ago. This tank resides in Coburg Germany at the KZ headquarters under the care of KZ owner, Thomas Pohl. (For those of you not aware, KZ is the maker of ZEOvit.) Thanks to Thomas and Regina for allowing us to share these photos with […]

    Chaetodontids in the Reef | Feeding Behavior of C. auriga & C. vagabundus

    Some recent discussions regarding difficult to care for Butterflyfish in reef aquariums has spurred me to go ahead and share some of my ramblings on my favorite genus. Also, this editorial by Terry Siegel from last year, where he updates us on the Chaetodon ulietensis he houses in his 700g reef has popped up sub-discussions […]

    Goby Frontiers | A great goby resource

    If you’re looking for unusual gobies, beyond your standard Neon, Firefish, and Sleeper Gobies, be sure to check out Goby Frontiers. They have a great image gallery showing off this quirky group of fishes. Which Trimma to add? hmm…

    Chaetodon ornatissimus feeding on Pocillopora

    Chaetodon ornatissimus, The Ornate Butterfly, has always had a place in my heart, and well this photo was too good not to share. Unfortunately this stunning butterfly is an obligate coralivore feeding primarily on Pocillopora and Montipora. This fish ranges from Japan to Hawaii at depths of 0-40m making it common in the wild, but unfortunately […]