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    Monthly Archives for November 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    ATI Bubble Master | The skimmer that changed the online hobby?

    Aquarist and blogger Keith Thornhill recently purchased an ATI Bubble Master 200 skimmer for his new rimless AGE build. (If you have not checked out his blog, I encourage you to do so.) When looking at his high resolution photos, I began thinking about the effect this skimmer has made. A little over 2 years […]

    Black Friday & Holiday Specials

    The global economy has tanked and retailers have been forced to do everything they can to attract customers. While I refuse to support the 4am Black Friday madness that happened yesterday (See this article), there are a few online retailers in our hobby offering good deals through the weekend. Here are a few sales from […]

    Korallen Zucht | Zeozym

    The guys at Proline sent us some of Korallen Zucht’s latest product Zeozym to try out on the glassbox. Although we do not use the full Zeovit line, we use our own VSV dosing regimen along with various additives like KZ’s Coral Snow to achieve a low nutrient system. To noone’s surprise, KZ is not […]

    Join us on twitter

    We joined the cult. I resisted the urge for awhile, but finally had to check it out. It is actually useful and I’m glad I’ve joined. We’ll be updating twitter with short little news bursts, like the newest models from Bubble King skimmers… or what I am doing at any given second 😉 So check […]

    Warner Marine RX 150 Review – Final Thoughts & Ratings

    Warner Marine skimmers are a new option for aquarists looking  to upgrade. While it may lack the transcendent qualities, and or reputations, of some of Europe’s heavy weights, the WM line is still very much worthy of consideration.  There are many models from in sump to external to now conical designs. For this review I […]

    Back Online

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the lack of posts, some serious headaches this week. In addition to the AEFW discovery, my trusted PowerBook crashed on me! I should have it back up and running like normal by Monday. No serious losses, thankfully… Remember to always back up your files, external hard drives are cheap.  You may […]