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    Monthly Archives for October 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    OKTOBERFEST | Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! Be safe, have fun, and when we get back next week we’ll begin drawing winners for the OKTOBERFEST Prizes. After midnight tonight, entries will no longer be accepted. Via Oceana here is an e-card to all.

    Coloration | 20K is Not the Only Way to Make Corals Pop

    Here in the US we love our 20ks. Radium, XM, Reeflux “12K”, and Helios are all popular bulbs because of their heavy blue spectrum. In actuality the kelvin ratings for these blue bulbs are marketing and only recognized within the hobby. These blue lights can do wonders for brown Acroporas and actually wash them blue, often times […]

    Microfauna | Those Great ‘Pods

    Although some consider my aquarium techniques and style, sterile I am still fond of ‘pods and find they play an important role in all reef aquariums. Even with no substrate and minimal live rock their presence is easily seen in my systems. When hobbyists use the term “Pod” it generally signifies Amphipods, like the Gammarus […]

    OKTOBERFEST | Hikari and Coral Morphologic Prizes

    There’s just one week left to enter our Oktoberfest Reader Giveaway. We’re happy to say we have additional prizes to prizes to giveaway from Hikari and Coral Morphologic. 15 winners will receive a package of Marine S and Marine A. These high quality pellets are made in Japan and we have found even the most finicky eaters are […]

    Royal Exclusiv | Monster Bubble King 650 for 5,000+ Gallon Aquarium!

    The 26.5″ in diameter monster below, is the latest custom creation from Klaus and Royal Exclusiv for a customer in Hong Kong. Equipped with 3 x 2000 Red Dragon Skimmer Pumps (6000 lph total air intake) this foam fractionator is rated for aquariums up to 20,000L or 5,300 US gallons!

    Diver’s Den | 5 Rare Animals That Go Unnoticed

    With the recent posts dedicated to rare fish, I’ve been hit with many e-mails asking where they can be attained. Many times when it comes to these rarities it’s about timing and opportunity. Like many of you nearly every evening after dinner I head over to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den to see if Kevin Kohen and the LA […]