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    Monthly Archives for September 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Video Gone Viral | Dolphin Plays with Air Bubble Rings

    Pretty cool, huh? The control over the bubbles is amazing, as is the way they do not rise. For more info head over to Snopes.    

    Coralife | Aqualight 250w DE Metal Halide

    Coralife has just released their new 250w Aqualight Metal Halide Pendant. I hate to say it, but they ruined a good thing. The 150w version is the most attractive double ended Metal Halide Pedant available in the US. Instead of sticking with this design, they increased the diameter by 3″, to a total of 12″, […]

    Chicago | WIRED Next Fest – Erik Natzke, Hoverit Lounger, PARC Spiral Water Filter, Xerox, SUNRGI, Brain Ball, Toyota PM and iREAL

    This weekend WIRED put together a very cool technology show at Millennium Park here in Chicago. Presented as a gallery of the future, Next Fest had some very cool gadgets… some that may eventually be applicable to reefs. It’s running till October 12th, so if you’re in the area check it out. I was out that way […]

    Reef News | California Academy of Sciences Opens, Atlantis and Sharks in Dubai, Elos elite Numbers, Red Sea, Crab Jellyfish Duet

      The California Academy of Sciences, which houses the Steinhart Aquarium and Morrison Planetarium, has opened to the public today. For those that missed our previous post, be sure to check out the virtual tour.  If any readers on the West coast have already made a visit, let us know your impressions. (Photos Via Flickr : mrfraley) […]

    PFO | Solaris Goes Domestic With I5

      I spoke with PFO just a few weeks back at MACNA and was informed that starting this month the all new Solaris I5  will be made in the USA. Just yesterday, Marine Depot brought the I5 to my attention again. These will cost more due to labor expense, but based on the photos alone there is […]

    Two Little Fishies | Phosban 550, KW Reactor, AccuraSea

    Julian Sprung and Two Little Fishies have been busy cranking out new products for 2009. Some of them are obvious additions, such as the Phosban 550 reactor while others are fresh and new to the TLF line. The Phosban Reactor 150™ has become a staple amongst most aquarists who keep SPS corals. So much so that […]