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    Monthly Archives for August 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Royal Exclusiv | RD2 Titanium DC Pumps

    After 3 years of development Klaus of Royal Exclusiv has released their new Red Dragon II DC Brushless Titanium Pumps. As shown at InterZoo, they are now available to the masses. Some features on these new controllable motors include:  No 50/60hz hum, like normal AC Pumps Available models from 16,000l/h (4,200 GPH) to 50,000l/h (13,208 GPH) […]

    the glassbox | New Photo

    Snapped a few photos the other day of the tank and this is by far our favorite one yet. This is in the morning with only one spotlight on just after feeding the fish. You can see the brighter areas in the back on the Chips (A. horrida) and A. nana. The lighting is very focused and […]

    Reef News | The Epitome of DIY, Confused Baby Whale, FM Non-Review Review, Gamma Blister Packs, Elos Mini & e-lite

    I admit I love to tinker with equipment, but this photo just cracked us up. It shows the lengths people will go for this addictive hobby. It truly is the epitome of DIY Reef Projects. For some thigh slapping laughs read the thread.   (Click Photo to enlarge)    Sadly, a 1 to 2 month old calf has […]

    Review | Ecotech Marine Vortech MP20

    Among advanced hobbyists there is a staunch divide among “stream” style pumps– Vortech or Tunze. The forum discussions on these two are likely the fiercest of any equipment items, and may induce flash backs of the BB v DSB and Zeovit debates.  We have always been partial to Tunzes. They work and as previously mentioned we are comfortable […]

    VSV | Total Organic Carbon in the Reef Aquarium

    If you have not yet read the latest Advanced Aquarist, we must ask why not?  In this month’s magazine, Ken Feldman and Kelly Maers explore Total Organic Carbon in the Reef Aquarium in what is likely to become an extremely important series in regards to modern aquaria and carbon dosing techniques. It is a lengthy but easy read […]

    The glassbox | Before & After – Finding balance

    We were looking back at some old photos of the glassbox and were glad to see the coloration changes as of late. The tank has begun to settle in and we’ve found the balance of food input and export. Here are two photos showing before, May 2008   And after, August 2008    The Purple […]