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    Monthly Archives for August 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Anthias at the Sea Food Market?

    Wonderfish Aquarium, a fish store in Australia, had a customer send them photos of what they believed were Anthias being sold at a Sea Food Market. Not only are they Anthias, they are the beautiful deepwater Holanthias borbonius! Commonly called “Borbs”, just a couple years back, some of the first came to the U.S. and retailed […]

    Rare Fish | Movie Weekend

    First up, a brief view of the collection of Centropyge abei. This fish was collected by Richard Pyle in Sulawesi Indonesia and can now be seen at the Waikiki Aquarium where they have the only C. abeis in captivity. Information by John Coppolino, Video by John L. Earle. Here we have Belonoperca pylei. This rare […]

    Reef News | ORA Bellina Acropora, Euro-Reef Nano Skimmer, Clownfish Smell Leaves?, Earliest form of Sushi, Sea Monster Caught on Video

    Oceans Reefs and Aquariums, otherwise known by the acronym ORA, has come up with another limited release Acropora. Named after the beautiful orchid  Phalaenopsis bellina, this Acropora has a purple skin with green polyps. As of now it looks to be Acropora desalwii (not to be confused with A. plana), but we will have to see how it […]

    Carbon Dosing | Bacterial Remineralization and Respiration

    I am sure there are others out there, besides myself, that would enjoy geeking out to these power point slides on Bacterial Remineralization and Respiration made by Matt Church of the University of Hawaii. Thanks to Gary White for sending them our way.   Here’s a link to the full PPT in PDF Form.  Feel free to discuss […]

    Diversity of Form | Beautiful Hermit Crabs

    There is a strong stigma towards hermit crabs in reef aquariums here in the States, but this is not seen everywhere in the world. This is a large reason why we never see some of these beautiful species that can add color and vibrance to any aquarium. Yes some of them are carnivors, but with […]

    MACNA XX | Atlanta, GA – September 5th to 7th

    MACNA XX is just 10 days away. I’ll be attending the event, and I suggest you do to. If you’re thinking you will not be able to find a hotel, don’t fret. On Priceline we found a 4 star hotel 4 blocks away from the event for $80 a night.     For me, the highlight […]