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    Monthly Archives for July 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Warner Marine | RX 150 Review – Initial Impressions

    We received our skimmer Friday direct from Warner Marine. It was packed extremely well– really, it was one of the best packed packages we have received. (say that 10 times) RX 150 Basic Stats: 6″ Diameter x 24.5″ Tall External Design Recirculating Bubble Plate Powered by Sedra 7000 Needle Wheel   The overall construction is […]

    IceCap | Pre-Wired Retrofit

    Yesterday, IceCap Inc. announced their new 48in T5 Pre-Wired Retro Kit. This plug and play unit is perfect the non-DIY type. Add some good fans for proper cooling and this will be one high PAR T5 Light system.   These units will be available with a 660 Ballast or naked without, for $445 or $275 […]

    Sojourn | Rare Fish Dreams

    We can only dream of these Angels and Butterflies. These photos are from a Japanese Store, B-Box…  I haven’t seen a single Paracentropyge multifasciatus at any Chicago stores in the past two years… how about 50? A wild Centropyge interrupta     Arguable my all time favorite and the King of the Tinkeri/Roaops, Chaetodon flavocoronatus.    A beautiful […]

    Reef News | Pseudanthias privitera, Warner Marine Skimmers, Ecosystem Mini, MRC Ocean Force

     Reef News Quality Marine posted on their website this week that they will be the first in North America to introduce the beautiful and rare deepwater Pseudanthias privitera (Randall and Pyle, 2001) . Don’t be surprised if they pop up on LiveAquaria.com… Speaking of, did you see the Joculators they got in recently?     Warner Marine […]

    Warner Marine | AS200, AS300, and RX200 w/ Sedra 9000HO

    A few of the new Warner Marine skimmer models are getting an upgrade. The AS200, AS300, and RX200 will now be shipping with Warner’s new modified Sedra 9000HO pump. If you were one of the earlier adopters of these, don’t fret. Warner Marine will give you a free HO pump upgrade upon your request. Here’s […]

    Japanese Metal Halide with Internal Ballast

    We had previously posted this, but thought it was worth bringing up again. It’s simple and beautiful. Perhaps lower wattage Metal Halides and Spotlights will start becoming more popular here in the states? The Japanese are at it again. With the recent development of self-ballasted or internal ballast metal halide spots, a few manufacturers have […]