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    Monthly Archives for July 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    VSV Q&A | Activated Carbon Usage?

    We received this message and thought we’d share it with our readers. It is something that we feel should be done in both Carbon Dosed and Non-Carbon Dosed Tanks.   Eric, Morning. I’ve been using your VSV recipe for the past 2 months, and tonight I will start adding some biodigest to re-kick start my […]

    Warner Marine | RX150 Review – Breaking In

    Following up from the Initial Impressions Post, here’s the RX150 in action on the glassbox.   The Warner Marine RX150 is as plug and play as they come. The install took no more than 5 minutes and it was skimming away soon after. We feel the vinegar bath helped significantly. The only connections needed were […]

    Diversity of Form | Chaetodon declivis, The Marquesan Butterfly

      We’ve now had Luca, our Declivis Butterfly for four months. In this time we’ve learned quite a bit about this beautiful species and their anomalous personality.  The Diver’s Den photo of Luca   You may notice the striking resemblance to other Chaetodontids, such as the Tinker’s Butterfly (Chaetodon tinkeri). They are in fact very similar, as they […]

    Vitrea | Can lighting be sexy?

    Before proceeding, set aside all previous thoughts of aquarium lighting; No more spaceships or alien abduction machines.  Vitrea has created what I would argue is the sexiest aquarium light yet. Of course it is meant for the freshies, they always seem to be a step ahead of the marine side of the hobby when it […]

    Hydor | Previous Electric Issues with Koralia 2 & 3

    Around this time last year Hydor recalled many of their Koralia 2 and 3 pumps, but a few are still reporting  electrical issues or voltage leaks. We know many of our readers use these pumps so to be safe here’s the info you need to see if you have a problem pump that slipped through. […]

    Seachem | Reef Salt Calcium Level

    We are big fans of Seachem Reef Salt.  It has always given us consistent numbers, Natural Saltwater (NSW) parameters, and easy mixing.     Lately there has been talk of 500+ Calcium readings.  We usually only see such high readings when nearing the very bottom of the bucket. To prevent this we mix the dry […]