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    Monthly Archives for June 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    New Vortech MP20 is Making Waves

    Literally. Check out this video by ryanist showing the new Votech MP 20 prototype by Eco Tech Marine on his 20g long nano reef.  The video quality is not the best, but the wave action does look promising. For more information on the MP 20,  see our previous coverage.  

    Aqua Medic | Padova & Turboflotor 400

    The Padova  is one of Aqua Medic’s newest aquarium designs. We will likely never see it here in the States… but it’s worth sharing as (gasp) they actually took design into consideration (gasp).      Aquarium without front covers & stress bars (app. 140 x 70 x 60 cm) Glass thickness: 15 mm Stand from […]

    GE Caulk Singles | DIY Made Easy

    No Caulk gun needed, making simple DIY projects like this easy.  Props to Momentive Performance Materials for designing the beautiful packaging. It is said to have “geometric bellows” to evenly disperse the adhesive. Remember with any Silicone make sure it does not have any anti-mold and mildew additives…and use masking tape for clean lines. “GE […]

    Live Aquaria | Great shipment!

    Live Aquaria has been getting in some great shipments lately to their facility in Rhinlander, WI. Take a look at their Diver’s Den section and prepare to drool:  LiveAquaria.com  We predict this specimen will be gone by tomorrow…    

    Bubble King | Self Cleaning Head

    Royal Exclusiv and Proline Aquatics have released pricing for Aqua Driver’s new Self Cleaning Head or SCH. Contact your favorite BK dealer for pre-orders, ETA is mid-July. For more information and photos head over to our previous post.  Click on the images below to enlarge. For pricing on corresponding skimmer models scroll down.        All […]

    Aquaroche | Ceramic Rock

    The French company, Aquaroche can solve your aquascaping conundrum. By firing a ceramic clay, Aquaroche creates natural looking rock and structures that do not harm Mother Nature’s reefs and and do not create hitchhiker headaches for hobbyists. It is not uncommon for harvested liverock to include unwelcome guests. Some common pests include: Aptasia, Valonia, Flatworms, […]