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    Monthly Archives for June 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Design Q&A | 20in Cube Lighting

    We receive quite a few questions from individual readers and have decided we will begin sharing a few with all of our readers. If you have any questions for us, e-mail them to info (a) glassbox-design.com and you may see it posted here.   Hi: I’ve read most of the ‘minimalist’ thread and really appreciate […]

    Korallen Zucht | Coral Snow Review

      Korallen Zucht, makers of Zeovit, came out with Coral Snow not too long ago. Given the reported effects we thought we would give it a try. Here’s what Pohl and KZ have to say about the product: “Coral Snow is a liquid form secondary biological facilitator for elements such as Bbalance and Potassium-Iodide/Flouride Concentrate. It […]

    Polario | It arrives!

    Remember the hype a couple years back? There were the expected release dates which were pushed back and then back some more…? Yeah we kind of forgot about it too. We even saw photos from InterZoo, but didn’t think much of it Well, the myth that is the Polario can be put to rest. It […]

    Moody Acuario | Rub a Dub in the Tub

    Glass bathtubs have been gaining some popularity in the kitchen and bath design world, but what about incorporating an aquarium into one? Here’s one for you. Made of tempered glass and wood, it’s actually quite attractive.  But you’d have to filthy rich, and actually understand how it functions.  It’s £ 7,250 or $14,500 USD… and don’t forget shipping. […]

    Elos | Colorimeter

    Sick of trying to interpret your hobbyist test kits? It may be time to ditch them. Elos has come up with a new Colorimeter for easy and, more importantly, accurate testing of your aquarium’s parameters. A Colorimeter is an instrument that compares the amount of light that passes through a solution with the amount that […]

    Elos | System Mini & e-lite

    The new Elos Mini is now available! We spoke with Jesse at Elos USA and got some additional information. As you can see in the photo below, the Elos e-lite LED will be available in a black, as well as clear and white. The price for the e-lite alone will retail around $700, however, Jesse […]