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    Monthly Archives for May 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    ATB | external conical skimmers

    ATB has released some photos of their new external skimmer line. More info to come on these. We’re guessing Eheim NW (with option of mesh) on the smaller models with Airstar’s for the larger models. We would like to see the Small available (in white) with a smaller airstar.    Note only two holes for […]

    InterZoo 2008 – Sfiligoi Releases more info

    We showed some photos of Sfiligoi’s latest LED fixture. Although in the same metal skin, we mis-named it as a Stealth. Sfiligoi is calling it the Galaxy and have released additional specs on it. The Galaxy will be available in all LED and LED+T5 configurations, as shown here.          This photo from InterZoo […]

    Precision Marine Redline Needle Wheel Skimmers

    Precision Marine has come out with their latest skimmer line, incorporating needle wheel injection over their well known becket powered designs. With the recent wave in skimmer designs utilizing Cones, DC pumps, Threadwheels, etc… we were hoping for a bit more. They look to be utilizing Octo pumps. Either way, knowing Precision Marine this will […]

    Aquacare Calcium Reactors

    Now available in the US, Aquacare Turbo Chalk Reactors are arguably the most efficient and bizarre looking calcium reactors available. Taking a different approach, Aquacare measures CO2, not PH in controlling CO2 input. They also have a separate Magnesium chamber and Neutralization chamber to prevent PH suppression so common with other reactors. Many have found these […]

    Focus in | Japanese Reefs

    Here’s a few photos of some of our favorite Japanese Reef tanks.  More info on the specific systems to come.       

    Affordable Hairpin Stand Idea

    There is one area most reef tanks lack- the exterior. As hobbyists we’ve begun to make progress in aquascaping, but “stands” and canopies are still light years away. Here’s a simple, affordable semi-DIY ideas to display your tank the way it deserves.  We got this from unplggd.com  Using $12 hairpin legs from Ikea take your […]