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    Monthly Archives for April 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Top Selection | Baros’ Reef

    Baros is on the major boards, but tends to not draw much attention to himself. Luckily for us, he recently posted a FTS of his system. The overall look is a blend of Euopean and Japanese, making a stunning display. Maybe we’re partial because of his P.multifasciatus, but you can decide for yourself. In our […]

    Welcome Luca and Marie

    Update: So far the fish are doing well. Marie, the C. Collare has a little lympho. She does have me alittle concerned because she only picks at a few cyclopeeze throughout the day…but she is constantly grazing on polyps and LR. We contacted LiveAquaria and they could not tell us what foods she was eating. […]

    Brightwell Aquatics to launch Bac driven system?

    We found this on TuArrecife…seems Brightwell is trying to get into this market. It should make these methods more available, but given the advanced nature of Carbon dosing, we’re not so sure that’s a good thing. Take it for what it’s worth.    MICROBACTER 7Overview:• Complex system of non-pathogenic aerobic andanaerobic microbes, as well as […]

    DE Lightings – attractive and affordable

    We stumbled across DELightings.com on a foreign site and were pretty impressed with the quality and design. They are not minimalist by any stretch, but they can fit in the modern-industrial feel.     Their T5’s are similar to Fauna Marin’s Ultra Solaris but more attractive in our opinion. They would work great as a bolt […]

    Conspic Photographs

    We found these images on reefs.org posted by “davefish” and felt they were worth sharing…   

    Chaetodon declivis and Chaetodon collare

    We ordered these two today from Liveaquaria’s Diver’s Den. They should arrive Tuesday!Update: They have arrived and are eating. In the first 5 seconds of being introduced the Collare took a taste of a Montipora and Acropora… She’s beautiful though and we will definitely be keeping her. The Declivis is doing well, but may have […]