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    Monthly Archives for April 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Fan Options – Tunze

    Fans can be a great tool to cool your reef and eliminate the need of a costly chiller. Unfortunately, there are not very many fan options out there that fit in with rimless tanks. ¬†There are the profilux aluminums and azoo clip ons…but they are a bit distracting. We found this Aquawind fan made by […]

    EcoTech Marine | New Vortech MP20

    I must admit we haven’t paid must attention to Vortech’s due to our needs. I’ve used Tunze’s in the past and I suppose we’re just comfortable with them… with that said the MP20 may change that. Check your favorite online stores, many are taking pre-orders. At $295 that are not “cheap” but they will hit […]

    The Formosa Forest is expanding…

    Our friend Leonardo, from the Netherlands, is known on most of the major forums due to his beautiful staghorn garden known as the Formosa Forest. He was one of the first to do a rimless with minimal live rock reef display. We lost contact with him for a while, but found his updated thread over […]

    Today’s Photo – All the fish

    Here’s a photo we took today… they thought they were deserving of some more food, and we obliged. The male clown didn’t make it in, but all the rest are there.¬† Unfortunately Marie, the C.Collare, did not make it. She passed overnight a few days ago. We were somewhat surprised as she started eating well, […]

    Beautiful Non-photosynthetics

    We’ve always been in awe of Scleronepthya and Dendeonepthya corals. Carnations as they are commonly called, are some of the most colorful corals on the reef. For a long time they were labeled impossible to keep. However, with the recent advents of specialty foods, hobbyist have begun having success with these corals, as our friend […]

    Seachem | Aquavitro Initial Dosing and Usage

    Update: Due to algae growth we have alternated fuel and vibrance in conjunction with Coral Snow. 3ml CS+3ml Fuel every other day, with 3ml CS+2 drops Vibrance in between. When adding the fuel, we get a green dusting on the glass in less than an hour…but it is coloring up the corals nicely. We’ve also […]