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    Monthly Archives for March 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    Top Selection | Togor’s reef

    We met Togor on TuArrecife  and quickly became enamored with Toni and Gorreti’s beautiful reef aquarium. At 300l it is similar in size to our own, but the grotto feel makes it seem much larger.  Here is an image of their beautiful reef, but for more info check out Togor’s Reef Blog. Most of Toni’s posts are […]

    video of feeding

    We saw our Copperband (who has been named Jack) eating at the LFS… but he didn’t take much interest in any food in our aquarium. After wiping out or feather dusters I knew we needed to get him on prepared foods before he went on a real hunger strike.  We got some live bloodworms to […]

    tunze master doc skimmer

    It wasn’t until just a few days ago that I took a second look at this skimmer line by Tunze.  I saw a sicce NW and large diameter body and thought to myself it’s a more expensive ATI with less air input. After taking a second look my thoughts have drastically changed.  As many know […]

    zebrasoma gemmatum

    We had heard a few of these were collected…and got word from a friend that there were on e-bay?! Sure enough they are…here’s the auction if you’re looking to drop $3K+ on a beautiful fish. You rarely see them pop up, especially at such a small size. Below is an Image of Julio’s (TugaReef), he […]

    wet neck’s are old news!

    Like a wetneck, I am not sure about the performance gain when using this, but it’s as original as it gets. This info was found from our Spanish friend Nestor (Buffer) over at TuArrecife If you speak Spanish, check it out! We give you the squeegee-clean-skimmer-mod:

    considering kalium?

    For those of you using bac driven systems such as Ultra or Zeo, do you know what your Potassium levels are at?Potassium has recently become a hot topic as K depletion is resulting in drab colors and dried out tissue in SPS in these systems. After some not so good reviews on the Zeovit kit, […]