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    Monthly Archives for March 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    ecosystem mini

    Ecosystem has come up with a self enclosed nano system and clamp on style metal halide pendent. The halide is very similar to some popular italian landscaping lights we’ve seen, but the actual rotating bracket slightly distracts. Still, a nice option over the Coralife Clamp fixtures. If the price is right they will be popular among […]

    new modern luminaire

    Browsing Tuarrecife, we came across this pendent. Simple clean lines, exposed bolts, we find it to be one of the more attractive fixtures. The best part is it does not have the “spaceship” pendent look that is so common in the hobby. I know it will make a few feel the urge to say “I […]

    VSV | Achieved through Observation and Experimentation

    Without digging deeply into the scientific area of this, the goal of carbon based bacterioplankton systems such as Vodka, Prodibio, Ultralith and Zeovit is to grow bacteria in order to consumer phosphates and nitrates, which are then exported via a protein skimmer. As the bacteria are removed by the skimmer, so are the nutrient that […]

    H&S releases new “needle wheel”

    H&S has released a new needlewheel for it’s external skimmer line (sorry internal users).  It looks awfully similar to the Fauna Marin designed closed needlewheel shown here. But then that Fauna Marin Skimmer looks just like an ATI… so who’s really keeping track. Contact your H&S dealer if you are looking to get your hands on […]

    DIY Reef Sump Build

    We eventually would like to build our own rimless sump, but for the time being we decided to go with a AGA 15g aquarium to convert into a simple 1 baffle sump design.  Our return pump will be an Eheim 1250. With the head loss it will be pumping about 200gph. That may seem like very […]

    seachem’s aqua vitro line

    Seachem has released their new “high end” additive line called aqua vitro. I must say they did a great job on the packaging and labels and it’s got me considering trying them out. Of particular interest is fuel and vibrance.