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    Monthly Archives for February 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.


    we received a call from our builder today regarding the stand…with the cold weather we’ve been having here in chicago,(-1F)  when routing the edges flush there was chipping in a corner….so it will not be ready till next week at the earliest as he wants to re-skin the entire base so it matches evenly. here’s […]

    new kz coral light

    korallen zucht has changed their coral light T5 tube, with an increase in the blue spectrum. the previous bulbs were described as ~10K with the newest version being ~14K (perhaps to differentiate from ati?) luckily for those 24 & 60in users these will be available in all wattages. most of the kz line has proven […]

    ATB | New HOB

    ATB has released their new cone hang on the back skimmer. Utilizing a hagen PH with a custom volute (and meshwheel) as well as a bubble plate to reduce turbulence. Although changes are likely to be made, it looks like another high performance skimmer from the Austrian line. 


    the stand is currently being built and should be completed by next weekend. we went with all white laminate (no doors, but open back) with a recessed lower lip to allow easier access behind the tank.  it’s fairly large at 24x36x30….so it looks like a home depot van rental may be needed to get it […]