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    Monthly Archives for February 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    the numbers of aesthetic+hardland inspiration

    As marine aquarium hobbyists we have constantly struggled with the arrangement or aquascape of our systems. Until recently this was widely overlooked…But finally some light is being shed on this, something that freshwater enthusiasts have embraced for years. Fibonacci’s Numbers, The Golden Ratio….No this is not the The Davinci Code, it’s aesthetics. 

    last shoot of nano

    Here are some shots I snapped today.  Looks like this will be the last photos we have of this tank, as soon it will all be transfered to the rimless.  We’ve been allowing the corals to grow, which means we cant stick our hands in the tank; which means lots of coralline growth.  We are […]

    eddie’s blog

    Most reefers probably know his name from the Tyree LE’s [Eddie’s Purple Monster] or [Eddie’s True Undata]    We stumbled across Eddie’s blog and were blown away by the images. It’s not often you see this part of the industry so well documented visually. (the a.speciosa and a.echinata he has pictured literally made our jaws […]

    fauna marin zeo filter

    Check out this New Product from Fauna Marin the Zeomatic 

    awt salt analysis

    AWT, owned by aqua-medic, recently tested many synthetic sea salts to see how they compared to one another. although there are obvious flaws in the testing, it’s still very interesting and something worth looking at. check out [AWT’s results] to see how your salt stacks up against the rest.


    here’s something we threw together….