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    Monthly Archives for January 2008

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.


    i’ve always been a collector of vintage graphic tee’s and have made a few silk screens myself…so i came up with a few reef-geek friendly designs. this one is for all the sicce meshwheel lovers out there.  i’ll post some more when i can get them off my other computer.  update: i have been very busy lately, […]

    clarion clarion clarion

    the clarion angel (Holacanthus clarionensis) has always been a rare find in the states due to it’s limited range and the larger fact that it’s been illegal to collect… but it sounds like mexico will begin allowing some collection so you may find a clarion at a few LFS and online dealers. here’s an image […]

    Bubble King | Supermarin 200

    check out klaus’ newest toyAirintake : adjustable with nozzle : 1000 – 1700 Liter/hwaterflow: adjustable with nozzle : 1000 – 3500 Liter/hHight : 55 cmPump : Red Dragon BigBlock, max. 35 Watt energyconsuptionSiliciumcarbid-bearings, Titanscrews, AntiCalzium Line, new Needlewheels with Carbonstuff Extremly (low) noise skimmer with high Performance…..newest development…   

    Top Selection | Thor’s reef

    After stumbling across Thor’s (crazy4acros) stunning reef aquarium we felt more people needed to see this beauty. I will not hesitate to say this is the best American aquascaped reef aquarium I have seen for sometime. Here is Thor’s story… Ever since I was young I always wanted to mimic a natural environment for my […]


    we received the tank today, everything went smoothly. it was delivered fed-ex freight and the delivery man was great.  the tank was packaged okay.  we dont see any visible damage so far… so it seemed to have done it’s purpose. overall we are fairly pleased.