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    Monthly Archives for December 2007

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.


    here are where things stand as of this morning…  ph ~8.2 no3 ~0  alk ~8dkh ca~ 450ppm mg ~1500ppm  mag and calcium are too high for our tastes. the 450 ca explains the rampant coralline growth that has been bothering me. with the growth of the corals we’re no longer able to scrape it clean […]

    warming seas, disease take toll on coral reefs

    John Bruno isn’t attending the U.N. climate talks being held in Bali, Indonesia, but he does have some advice for any delegates looking to take in the resort’s famed reefs: enjoy it now, because if sea temperatures continue to rise, expect to see more — and more severe — disease outbreaks that wipe out corals. […]

    under construction

    it’s a work in progress, but we’re already enjoying the new look. huge thanks to “Psam” over at stonyreef.com for all his help! we’ll be updating the progress of our nano reef, new 90g rimless, music/videos, and great specimens we find online.

    world’s fastest

    Check out this great presentation by Sheila Patek on the animal with the fastest prey capture mechanism in the world. thanks to nanoreef.co.uk where i found this great video


    A half octopus, half squid like animal was found off the cost of Hawaii’s big island. It got stuck in a pipeline filter at 3,000ft deep. you can read more at boingboing.net

    nano pics

    saturday, we got hit with a little snow and had a short power outage…when the power came back on our tunze’s starting shooting water out of the tank…the jerking motion from restarting cracked the C clamps that holds them in place. one of them is too cracked to work at all, so an MJ1200 is […]