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    Monthly Archives for October 2007

    It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

    nano 10/20/07

    the tank is doing well. kind of too well. corals are growing so fast that i cant keep my cal and alk up and i’ve stopped trying…right now cal is at 340 alk is at 6.8dkh…i’ve stopped worrying about it…the corals look fine ;o) here’s a shot before feeding time.

    glassbox build

    here’s the latest on the new rimless tank… this shows the dimensions, sump, and the spot lights i’ll be using.


    this skimmer continues to impress me. today while cleaning out the collection cup, i came back to a nice foam head without the cup on. this was due to feeding fresh seafood earlier in the day, but still shows the power of this great HOB. if you’d like to read more regarding this i have […]


    here is a look at some popular japanese lights… notice the emphasis on spot lights and the ability to use lens covers and gel filters. i will be using spotlights exclusively on the rimless build, metal halide, LED, and halogen.

    Japanese Reefs

    Some beautiful images of Japanese Reef Aquariums Here are some pictures taken from the links posted to the right. As you can these reefers spend a tremendous amount of time on design and color.