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    Radium 20K Lovers: Consider Stocking Up

    For those old school metal halide coral keepers using the irreproducible Radium 20K–take note. Osram, which sells your coveted Radium bulbs, is undergoing a business unit carve out of their general lighting unit. The legal separation is slated to be completed by July 1st and the entity’s new name is LEDVANCE. We spoke with Osram […]

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    Aqua Rei Photo Contest Shows Off Japanese Reef Hall of Fame

    From the Archives. This was originally posed in June 8th, 2009. Thinking of re-aquascaping your tank? A heavy dose of inspiration awaits you below. Aqua Rei, a LFS in Japan put on a Photo Contest for its customers to see who had the best aquarium of all. Fortunately for us it has been shared online […]

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    ‘My favorite ocean animal is a little fish with orange polka-dots and a large yellow head’

    As I browsed LiveAquaria this morning I was surprised to see this rarity still available. Yes, I am talking about that $6,000 three inch fish that only the 1% of the 1%, that are actually fish nerds, could justify splurging on. But so far in Amercia it’s not happening. When I got word from Japan […]

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    Juvi Personatus Grows Up Quick in Japanese SPS Reef

    Remember that tiny juvenile Genicanthus personatus that was collected back in 2010 by Rufus Kimura? Fast forward to this video taken at the start of this month, and you can see that baby has grown into a meaty Genicanthus in a maturing SPS reef. It’s unfortunate that two of the three Bandit Angels in this […]

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    Study Shows PHA Effect on Nitrate in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

    With the advancement of solid organic carbon dosing, colloquially referred to as BioPellets, one of the fundamental areas lacking has been research. We have yet to find the best method to utilize them. Back in 2006 a company by the name of Aquaculture Systems Technologies received a Phase 1 USDA Small Business Innovative Research award […]


    EcoTech Marine Pump Patent Challenged: Request for Re-Examination Filed

    There is a lot of buzz circulating among one of the industry’s brightest companies, EcoTech Marine.¬†Two things in particular have brought them into the spotlight more than usual: 1) Their sponsored flow study (and resulting underperformance under the testing criteria by main competitor Tunze) and 2) Their to be released Radion LED light… I’ll give […]